Wisconsin Personnel Commission's             Digest of Decisions        March, 1999 Version

The Wisconsin Personnel Commission was abolished in 2003.However, the rulings of the Personnel Commission continue to be cited in decisions that are issued by successor agencies. The Commission’s on-line Digest of Decisions is maintained solely as a research tool.

Information relating to the Commission's successor agencies

Subject matter index, levels 1 & 2

Highlighted numbers are linked to the next level of the subject matter index.

NOTE:    Matters filed with the Wisconsin Personnel Commission are designated as either appeals or complaints.  The Commission's statutory bases for review of appeals do not provide for an investigation by the Commission.  In contrast, the statutory bases for review of complaints provide for an investigation.  In this digest, decisions relating to complaints are found in chapters 701 through 796, while decisions relating to appeals are located in chapters 101 through 690.  Especially for anyone researching a procedural issue, it is adviasable to look under the appropriate headings for both appeals and complaints. 

Base Outline

100    Jurisdiction [Appeals]
200    Disciplinary Actions: Discharges, Suspensions, Reductions in Base Pay and Demotions
300    Layoffs/Job Abandonments
400    Decisions of the Administrator/Secretary
500    Procedure and Related Topics [Appeals]
600    Non-Disciplinary Actions of the Appointing Authority
700    Fair Employment Act & Related Satutory Bases for Filing Complaints

Mid-level Outline

100     Jurisdiction [Appeals]
    101    General
    102    Timeliness of an appeal
    103    Subject matter and parties involved
    104    Jurisdiction to determine jurisdiction
    107    Effect of prior settlement agreement reached in another proceeding
    110    Declaratory rulings (see also 523)
    130    Authority to award relief/impose remedy (see also 521)


200    Disciplinary Actions: Discharges, Suspensions, Reductions in Base Pay and Demotions
    201    Written notice of disciplinary actions
    201.50    Standard of judgment [see 501.02(2)]
    202    Was some discipline warranted§
    205    Specific defenses
    210    Was discipline imposed excessive§
    240    Demotion
    250    Suspension
    270    Relief awarded


300    Layoffs/Job Abandonments
    301    Standard of judgment
    302    Particular issues
    303    Just cause standard applied, generally
    310    Relief awarded


400    Decisions of the Administrator/Secretary
    401    Notice
    402    Standard of judgment (see 501.03)
    403    Particular actions
    420    Relief awarded (see also 130)


500    Procedure and Related Topics [Appeals]
    500.50    Filing fee
    501    Standard of judgment
    502    Burden of proof/proceeding
    502.75    Issue for hearing
    503    Mootness
    503.50    Standing
    504    Amendment (see also 712.5)
    504.50    Bifurcated hearing
    505    Consolidation of appeals
    505.50    Open records law
    506    Discovery
    506.50    Proper parties
    507    Prior notice of witnesses and exhibits
    508    Witnesses and exhibits (see also 510)
    510    Evidence
    511    Motions
    512    Procedural rules
    513    Timing (including postponement/acceleration of proceedings)
    514    Location of hearing
    515    Dismissal
    516    Stay of order
    517    Objections to proposed decision, request for oral argument, rehearing, reconsideration or reopening a hearing
    518    Disqualification/commission votes
    519    Findings, conclusions and order
    520    Failure to reach all issues
    521    Fees and costs -- Equal Access to Justice Act
    522    Other issues
    523    Declaratory rulings

600    Non-disciplinary Actions of the Appointing Authority
    605    Generally
    610    Designation of status of positions
    615    Selection process decisions (see also 667)
    622    Transfers
    625    Promotions
    630    Probationary period issues
    635    Medical leave of absence
    637    Merit increase decisions
    640    Flex-time
    645    Work assignment
    650    Hazardous duty (§230.36)
    655    Code of ethics
    660    §230.37: Employee infirmities
    667    Reinstatement/resotration
    670    Voluntary demotion
    675    Relief awarded (see also 130)
    680    Processing of non-contractual grievances
    683    Rate of pay
    686    Career executive actions
    690    Overtime

700    Fair Employment Act and Related Statutory Bases for Filing Complaints   
    702    Subject matter jurisdiction
    704    Effect of bargaining agreement (§111.93(3), Stats.) and additional complaint procedures
    706    Timeliness
    710    Parties
    712    Complaint
    713    Interlocutory relief
    714    Investigation
    715    Initial determination
    717    Relationship with other proceedings/matters
    719    Mootness
    720    Standing
    721    Standard of judgment and analysis
    722    Burden of proof
    724    Discovery (also see 506)
    726    Issue for hearing
    728    Hearing and post-hearing procedure
    730    Evidence/witnesses
    732    Motions
    734    Postponement/delays
    735    Settlement efforts and agreements (also see 717.5 and 738.4)
    736    Dismissal (includes failure to respond to 20 day letter)
    738    Reopen/rehearing
    740    Findings, conclusions, order
    742    Remedy/sanctions
    760    Specific applications of principles
    766    Age
    768    Arrest record/conviction record
    770    Color
    772    Creed
    773    Family leave/medical leave
    774    Disability (formerly listed as handicap)
    776    Honesty testing device
    778    Marital status
    780    National origin/ancestry
    782    Occupational safety and health
    784    Race
    786    Retaliation (i.e., retaliation under FEA)
    788    Sex
    790    Sexual orientation
    792    Whistleblower (subch. III, ch. 230, Stats.)
    796    Employment action involved in the claim


While this digest has been prepared by Personnel Commission staff for the convenience of interested persons, it should be remembered that the decisions themselves are the ultimate source of Commission precedent.

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