Wisconsin Personnel Commission

The Wisconsin Personnel Commission was abolished in 2003.However, the rulings of the Personnel Commission continue to be cited in decisions that are issued by successor agencies. The Commission’s on-line Digest of Decisions is maintained solely as a research tool.

Information relating to the Commission's successor agencies

Methods for accessing the Commission's Digest of Decisions

Digest Introduction

This Digest summarizes significant decisions issued by the Commission during the period from February 16, 1978, through March 1, 1999, as well as decisions issued by reviewing courts during the same period.  The summaries have been organized according to subject matter.  Individual topics  have been assigned separate classification numbers.  For example,  summaries of rulings relating to amending a notice of discipline are found in section 201.05 of the digest.  In the body of the digest, the classification numbers are arranged in numerical order followed by all of the case summaries relating to that particular topic. 

You may use the following methods to gain access to the Digest's numbering system and to the individual case summaries:

Researching by subject

1.  Review the alphabetical list of topics covered by the Digest.  Make a note of the classification numbers associated with the topics in which you are interested.   Then open the segment(s) of the digest that includes those classification numbers by first going to the entry to case summaries page


2. Check one of the subject matter indexes in order to figure out which classification numbers are most closely related to your research: 

a.  The subject matter index, by levels, breaks the classification numbering system into three levels of specificity.  The initial level lists only 7 very broad subjects.  These subjects are bookmarked to the second index level which includes about 100 major headings.  The major headings are then linked to the expanded index, described below. 

b.  The expanded subject matter index includes the entire list of topics (nearly 750) addressed in the digest.  Every topic number is linked to the collected summaries under that heading.  If no link is indicated, then there are no entries for that particular topic number. 

Researching by case name

If you already know the name of one or more cases that deal with a particular topic you wish to research, you can open the table of cases to obtain the classification numbers assigned to the summaries that are associated with that case.  Make a note of the classification numbers.  You can then either a) open the expanded subject matter index  and use the links there to access the case summaries or b) open the entry to case summaries page and then the individual segment(s) of the digest that contain those numbers.  Review all of the case summaries that are listed under the classification number(s) you wish to review. 

Persons using this digest to locate decisions to be cited to a court as authority should take note of §809.23(3), Stats., which provides that an unpublished decision of the Court of Appeals is of no precedential value and for that reason may not be cited in any court in this state as precedent or authority.  Such decisions are reported in this digest as an informational service only, and their use contrary to §809.23(3) is not encouraged. 

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